have you ever eaten cold beans/ raviolli straight out the tin???????????????

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  • have you ever eaten cold beans/ raviolli straight out the tin???????????????


Answer #1 | 21/09 2007 09:53
Yes to the beans, and yes to the raw meat: steak tartare can be really nice, especially the way the Swiss make it. Just make sure it's a high grade cut of meat that's been handled well.
Answer #2 | 21/09 2007 10:03
No, the only thing I eat straight out of the can is sweet corn and fruit. And as far as meat I don't eat raw meat I'm afraid it will get me sick even rare my meat HAS to be well done.
Answer #3 | 21/09 2007 09:56
yes i do
Answer #4 | 21/09 2007 09:56
Yes to all three. I love chef boy-r-d right out of the can. and spam if that really counts as meat.
Answer #5 | 21/09 2007 10:11
cold beans and I used to like cold macaroni cheese
Answer #6 | 21/09 2007 10:14
Beans and raviolli I have raw meat.. never
Answer #7 | 21/09 2007 16:16
yep cold beans,corn nibblets and peas are really good can eat straight from the can or add to salad plates
Answer #8 | 21/09 2007 14:05
Ola Blue! yes/no and yes! my mother used to give us cold beans with a salad (i think she hated us) i'v not had them in years, i remember liking them though! don't think i'd eat that now though, i was quite a weird child though..... so dont take my word for it that ther nice! i love ravioli but never had it cold! when i went to France, i was in a restaurant, and all they had that i would eat was pasta or ham salad! i took the ham salad! when it came to the table it was lettuce with full slices of raw bacon across the top! i couldny believe it! i did try it though... and it just tasted like bacon that hadnt been cooked it was disgusting! so i had cake! lol
Answer #9 | 21/09 2007 11:07
No thats really gross. That kind of food is meant to be cooked

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