Have you ever been bullied before?

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  • Have you ever been bullied before?


Answer #1 | 28/04 2010 15:07
Nope, thank god. :) I am sorry to hear that you are being bullied.
Answer #2 | 28/04 2010 15:09
Yes I think everyone has been bullied before, its inevitable.
Answer #3 | 28/04 2010 15:08
Answer #4 | 28/04 2010 15:08
no not like that, but girls can be b'itches.
Answer #5 | 28/04 2010 15:07
In real life not really. On here loads lol
Answer #6 | 28/04 2010 15:07
Yes, I was. Then I decided I was done with it and faced the bullies head on, fist to cuffs. It wasn't pretty, and I didn't win. But I didn't exactly 'lose'. There was enough pain to go around, they didn't want to go through it again, so the bullying stopped. Stand up and say NOPE not gonna take it. I
Answer #7 | 28/04 2010 15:12
I'm sorry to hear that. :( I think everyone's been bullied at some point in there life, whether it's physically or mentally. I've been called harsh things before, but never been actually hurt. I think you really need to tell someone about it, to make it stop. Bullying just isn't exceptable. Good Luck!! :)
Answer #8 | 28/04 2010 15:17
Never. What did you do?
Answer #9 | 28/04 2010 15:56
i know how you feel. my friends slam me into fences and i get threats. you would that at a school like mine i shouldn't have to go through that.
Answer #10 | 28/04 2010 16:02
Ive been bullied a couple of time but fought back and won.
Answer #11 | 28/04 2010 15:47
Answer #12 | 28/04 2010 15:30
I had'nt >guess you could call my lucky and sorry
Answer #13 | 28/04 2010 15:19
Answer #14 | 28/04 2010 15:21
Yeah. I had buck teeth as a kid... and then I never fit in with people I like insects they all got grossed out and left me. Yeah bad memories and they got worse as I got older, one day in high school I realized I have to do for myself and I started to turn mean. I met my husband and thats what made me go all the way evil dark souled human. So what was dished at me I have now served back

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