Handling my jealousy towards my pregnant friend?

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  • Handling my jealousy towards my pregnant friend?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 08:25
There's no reason to be jealous. She does not have what you want. She has an accident pregnancy with a guy she barely knows. You want a family. I do not want to be mean but that is inevitable if i give you my honest answer. You are considering ending a friendship over jealousy. I question your sanity. Jealousy is a normal emotion but you seem to have extreme envy which is toxic. Maybe you should walk away as that'll be safer for your friend and her baby.
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Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 05:22
I'm sorry to hear about that. It seems you envy that she's having a baby because you want to have a family of your own. She's 23, hasn't been with him for a long time and the baby was an "accident." That's no situation to be jealous of. Hopefully one day when the time is right you'll have a child and a family of your own, that's just not such a good way of going about doing that. Your friend is also going to be dealing with a lot when having to manage a job and taking care of the baby. I think you should be open with your friend about how you feel jealous and envy that she's having a family and you're not. Don't be rude about it when you tell her, just be honest, she might take it well since you've known each other for so long.
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Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 05:27
I agree with Under Seige on this one to a certain extent. You are being a bad friend to a certain point. You say that you wanna go out to clubs & party, yet you want a family, a husband, kids, etc. But your friend is going through something extremely life-changing & she needs her best friend at this point. Y'all have obviously been friends for years as you admitted yourself & if you're gonna let something like this ruin y'all's friendship, then you aren't a true friend. You can't ride the fence by saying, 'Oh, I wanna party!" one day & then the next be like, "Oh, I wanna have a family!" Honestly, you can't have both & make it work. If you wanna party, then party but don't have kids till you've grown up some. If you want to have a family, then have a family & quit partying. Your friend is taking major responsibility here & i have tremendous respect for her because she's not aborting the baby & is going to take care of her child. Who are you to judge her? You're making this all about you & not her. You're a selfish, self-absorbed little brat.
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Answer #4 | 20/12 2013 05:17
Not to sound mean- well okay, to sound a little mean- you aren't coming across as a good friend at all. You're kind of a self involved person. Your friend is going through a life altering event and you've managed to make it all about yourself. Bravo.
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