Handling mobbing in the workplace?

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  • Handling mobbing in the workplace?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 07:44
The work environment is a strange one. We are thrown together with a group of people we may not even know and are expected to get along with everyone in order to do our job. Its only natural that over time there are some we like, some we dislike, and some we are indifferent about. Ideally, that group of people we are indifferent about should be the largest simply because it makes it easier to do our job. This is the reason most workplaces have policies about fraternization. These policies usually only cover romantic encounters as the fallout from a failed relationship here can be very detremental to your work. What isn't covered is people who deliberately try to sabotage the work environment. This is usually because whatever they do is covered under some other part of your work agreement. If for example someone lies about work you have done, and it can be proven, that is usually grounds for dismissal. The problem tends to get exasperated whenever something like this happens because people in the company that are "friends" with that person tend to side with them and make the person lied about into the villian instead of placing blame where it belongs, So the best course of action is to go about your workday not paying attention to those that have some "grudge" against you but at the same time making sure that you can prove any false allegations one of these individuals or group of individual may make against you. Then know that at the end of the workday that you own anyone you work with anything except common courtesy and that as long as you don't break any laws whatever you outside of the workplace is no ones business but your own.

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