haha i bet i wont get any answers...?

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  • haha i bet i wont get any answers...?


Answer #1 | 17/02 2012 14:15
Imagine if Jesus and Lady Gaga made a MAC Viva Glam product out of pure unicorn blood and then Ghandi blessed it after it was filtered through a rainbow of infant tears on top of Mount Everest and it dropped down from the sky to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where a narwhal incubated it to it’s maturity and sold it Johnny Appleseed where he planted it on the holy grounds of Jerusalem and it sprouted into a glitter explosion of pure amazingness. That’s what coconut oil is. i hope you enjoyed :D
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Answer #2 | 16/02 2012 01:19
i dont know how to be funny and i will just make myself look like an idiot if i try :P not that anyone else is on here. but hey you got an answer :)
Answer #3 | 16/02 2012 01:20
THIRD! Thanks you, user in Polls & Surveys for posting this section link!
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Answer #4 | 16/02 2012 01:20
i like pie
Answer #5 | 16/02 2012 01:24
If I had to be anything in the world I would be a rainbow couloured spider with three legs. I woul eat nothing but vinegar sausages with honey and toilet paper.My drink would be blood mixed with tea and rat saliva. All day I would crawl on peoples heads and chew my own feet. Ahhh what a wonderful life does this spider have.. :)
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Answer #6 | 16/02 2012 01:31
thats why i hate you i hate you i hate u
Answer #7 | 16/02 2012 05:18
u r on this site !!!..........R u no one ????
Answer #8 | 16/02 2012 04:25
I love the taste of pomegranate.

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