Good restaurants in Venice, Italy?

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  • Good restaurants in Venice, Italy?


Answer #1 | 30/01 2011 06:34
There's some nice cafe type restaurants near the main square. It's been awhile since I've been there, but nothing I can remember as bad.
Answer #2 | 30/01 2011 07:50
Venice is one of the most expensive places here. Some of the restaurants I particularly like are: Da Raffaele where the gondolas go by as you eat if you have one of the tables outside La Zucca - reasonable prices and great food Bistrot du Venise features old historical recipes from Venice. You'll be able to check the menus of restaurants while you're out exploring to find things and prices that interest you. Watch out for things priced per etto - that's the price for 100 grams. Fish is often priced this way - particularly branzino. You'll be presented with the fish for your approval. It will be weighed before preparation and cooking. It's very good, but can be very expensive if you okay a large fish.
Answer #3 | 01/02 2011 11:32
There are no good restaurants in Venice,Italy as they all sell foreign muck.
Answer #4 | 01/02 2011 13:40
Da Raffaele. I'm not sure what is affordable to you. But in Italy it can be expensive for Americans. Also our money is worth more than yours is.

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