Good reasons not to go out?

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  • Good reasons not to go out?


Answer #1 | 05/10 2013 05:25
you just have to let your friend down easy and say that you don't want to go out and I'm sure your friend will understand and maybe you can just tell her that I want some time alone or something like that. it's not like anyone is forcing you to go. so if you don't want to go, then just tell your friend
Answer #2 | 05/10 2013 07:26
Just say you don't want to? Why are you even having trouble with this, haha. Mention you're tired and worn out, and that you're sorry.
Answer #3 | 05/10 2013 07:13
Just be honest and say you aren't up for it and were thinking of just mellowing out at home.
Answer #4 | 05/10 2013 06:43
say you're busy
Answer #5 | 05/10 2013 06:30
Say that you're pregnant by your dog. :) I don't think that you will get any more invites. Well if really I would just say that I have a lot of work to do and I don't have enough time.
Answer #6 | 05/10 2013 07:27
How old are you? One reason you can make is that you were sick.
Answer #7 | 05/10 2013 08:15
my dog ate my money??
Answer #8 | 07/10 2013 14:09
If you really don't want to go out, just be honest and polite and tell your friend that you don't want to and you prefer to stay home and have some down time for yourself.
Answer #9 | 05/10 2013 19:18
you don't feel well.
Answer #10 | 05/10 2013 13:22
Man, people just can't be honest these days?
Answer #11 | 05/10 2013 08:42
You just say you are busy or you feel unwell :)
Answer #12 | 05/10 2013 10:30
Just tell them you want to stay in for the day.

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