Getting out of my Porsche leaser?

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  • Getting out of my Porsche leaser?


Answer #1 | 23/10 2013 08:04
I have no idea what the terms of your lease were when you got the car, but I'll bet that if you were to actually READ the contract that you signed, you would find information on early termination of the lease. Why don't you start there.
Answer #2 | 23/10 2013 10:32
It sounds like it could be a mighty expensive proposition. My suggestion would be to contact the leasing company directly and find out what your options are. Possibly the Porsche is worth the payoff value on the lease but I doubt it since it is the total of lease payents plus the residual value of the car when terminated. I believe your going to be up side down in it (not in equity). Your current lease company may pick up the lease on the new Dodge as well so checking with them is the best and first thing to do.
Answer #3 | 25/10 2013 15:29
Read your lease and contact the leasing company for any clarification that you may need. Also, if you pay $47,000 for a Dodge anything you are clearly a salespersons wet dream.

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