Get rich or die tryin?

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  • Get rich or die tryin?


Answer #1 | 21/08 2006 05:39
Answer #2 | 21/08 2006 05:40
Getting rich isn't something I would die trying to do.
Answer #3 | 21/08 2006 05:39
die trying thats what iam doing at the moment iam wasditng away and by the time i get there i will be in my box
Answer #4 | 21/08 2006 05:39
Be happy with what one has. Life could always be worse.
Answer #5 | 21/08 2006 05:42
does anyone want to gag me for 50 million , I am interested.
Answer #6 | 21/08 2006 05:43
sooner be skint and alive!!
Answer #7 | 21/08 2006 06:33
its better we be content with what we have and work to get them better.Be content.
Answer #8 | 21/08 2006 05:46
Money isn't everything. I wouldn't die trying to raise a million for myself. I'd hate to think of the epitaph on my tombstone: 'wanted money, couldn't get it, died trying'. And who wants loads of money anyway? What would you do with it all?
Answer #9 | 21/08 2006 05:45
Honestly, EVERYONE is doing it!!! We work to earn money, we do or best to get a raise or promotion to earn more money. We all want more money, some get it some die trying!

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