Frustrated with my weight- nothing seems to work?

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  • Frustrated with my weight- nothing seems to work?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 14:28
You're looking at it the wrong way -- actual weight means nothing, it is your actual body composition that will change with good diet and excercise. As lean muscle tissue is denser than bodyfat then you can easily lose some bodyfat and actually gain weight although your overall body composition will have changed for the better. 2 people the exact same height and weight with different compositions will have totally different body shapes and be at totally different health/fitness levels to each other. e.g A 5ft 5 guy weighing 150 lbs with 10% bodyfat will be fit , healthy and look slim and toned A 5ft 5 guy weighing 150 lbs with 30 % bodyfat will be unfit, unhealthy and look fat and out of shape. Hope that makes sense I tried to explain without getting technical but what I'm saying is do not judge anything by actual weight as that has no bearing on how you look or how much fat you have - judge it on actual composition which is what defines our shape and fat levels. If you have a gym or somebody who can test bodyfat and composition then do that, find out what your bodyfat and lean tissue levels are now and then test it again after 6 weeks or so and you will see if your bodyfat and lean tissue is changing as this is the only real way to do it
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Answer #2 | 26/12 2013 14:21
Well it appears you have done your research and tried at least. You seem to have given up a tad too soon, like most people who have ever tried to lose weight. I need you to understand that weight loss does not happen over night, perhaps not even over a week, sometimes it might even take a whole month for you to notice the number tipping on the scale. Personally, I only take my weight measurement ONCE per week, maybe sometimes every two weeks. I do this so I don't get discouraged by the stubborn, hard-to-move number on the scale and give up like 99% of those who try to get fit. Anyways, your diet should consist of a lot of protein since you will be working out a bit if you decide to follow through with my plan. Cut down on the fats, and most importantly, cut down on the carbs. I think the carbs is where you struggle with. You mentioned you little habit, or perhaps weakness with sweets.That stuff got tons of sugar and the sugar comes in really quickly and what's not immediately used go directly into fat reserves. That is obviously bad since our goal here is to lose some fat after all. It's ok the have a LITTLE, note that little. Having a little sugar to relieve your desire once in a while is ok, and having only a little means the sugar will be used up before it makes its way into your fat storage. You should also try to keep yourself hydrated. Get around 4 standard packaged water bottles, the ones you can buy for $1 each in most places. You can tell when you're not hydrated enough by looking at your urine. It should be a little pale but never too dark. The toilet water should still be fairly clear. When the toilet water is just a mess, you're not hydrated enough. Exercise wise, it seems like you do have a nice foundation off of your active background. Now i know that girls don't like working out because they are afraid of muscle but they miss out on the good side of exercise. At the very least you should do body weight exercises. If you want to do some exercises with added weight, good for you, I highly encourage it. Try high intensity interval training, more known as HIIT. HIIT is what you want for weight loss. HIIT is basically just working your body to it's physical limit for an interval, preferably 3-4 mins nonstop, then rest, then go again for a few more intervals. You could choose some intense body weight or added weight exercises or go with some very intense cardio. I recommend both as it will be best for weight loss. Just have a workout planned before you go in, and don't take too long during your rest periods in between. Rest periods should not be longer than 60 seconds. If you want an accurate measure of your burned Calories, get a heart rate monitor, it's worth it. I just got my polar rs300x for $90, sweet deal.
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Answer #3 | 26/12 2013 13:57
her is a good website if you want you can go to and just play around P.S i use this website all the time but you have to pay to downlaod workouts so i just print screen the workouts and print them out then watch the videos by cliking the workouts and memorize them
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