French crepes? Can you make them? Do you eat them?

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  • French crepes? Can you make them? Do you eat them?


Answer #1 | 19/07 2009 10:43
Of course you can, how else do you think we get them.. grown off of trees? they're just a type of pancake, and yes, you eat them! they're really good and you can have lots of different kinds of savoury or sweet toppings.
Answer #2 | 19/07 2009 10:43
Wish I could make them, love to eat them!
Answer #3 | 19/07 2009 10:43
Answers in the order they were received: 1. Vs. pancakes? French toast? Scones? Not sure what you are really asking here... 2. Yes, I can make them. 3. Well if I make them, I guess I obviously eat them too!
Answer #4 | 19/07 2009 10:44
Nothing is more delicious than a good crêpe. Making them is difficult though. You can make your own crêpes, just find the recipe and get started! You might not be able to make them the size of normal crêpes though...
Answer #5 | 19/07 2009 13:37
I couldn't make them to save my life . LOL but I LOVE to EAT THEM !!!!!!!
Answer #6 | 19/07 2009 13:09
I make really good crepes with special apples that i also make with cinnamon and sugar. Delicioso!

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