Ford Flex or Ford Mustang?

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  • Ford Flex or Ford Mustang?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 18:49
Mustang-more fun & sportier. The engine sound is exciting.
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 19:03
Both nice vehicles. Mustang would be more fun, higher insurance but the Flex would probably get a little better MPG and is a little bigger.
Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 18:50
get the mustang it's you
Answer #4 | 20/12 2013 19:15
Mustangs are HORRIBLE cars for new/teen drivers! (especially from a financial perspective) So (as a mustang fan and owner) I would say the flex, it would be cheaper on insurance and would get better MPG.
Answer #5 | 20/12 2013 20:01
Get a Ford Edge. It's sporty and comfy,
Answer #6 | 22/12 2013 02:50
I have no personal experience with a Ford Flex but they are commonly driven around here where I live. I do, however, own a Mustang. It's my 2nd car. Mustangs are beautiful cars but are NOT for first time drivers. I can guarantee you that. The instability in rain and snowy and icy conditions will have you thinking twice about your "first time" purchase. You need something that will give you a few years of experience under your belt reliably before you make a leap into purchasing something that is expensive and easy to wreck, like a Mustang. Just last week I was getting off of work and went out to eat with a coworker of mine and it had began snowing. I had to drive between 25 and 35 mph on the way home and the tail end of my car kept swinging around because I couldn't get any traction. I have expensive tires on my car but expensive tires mean nothing when you have a rear-wheel drive sports car. Get the Ford Flex first.
Answer #7 | 22/12 2013 01:49
both get the same mileage, 15 city 23 hwy, which is ok, but a little low, I'd say the mustang. high in insurance, but if you drive safely insurance may decrease (meaning: no speeding tickets, accidents, hitting people, etc.) btw, I'm talking about any mustang GT from 1996- above gets 15 city 23 hwy. that's equivalent to a v6 accord, Honda pilot, and Honda ridgeline/odyssey. I just got my dad's evo 8, insurance is high, but I drive carefully. Since its kind off under my name,and I work, I help pay for the insurance.
Answer #8 | 21/12 2013 07:05
Dude i'd so go with the flex, its bigger, so if u get in a wreck u wont feel much, plus alot more room for friends specially on road trips

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