For anime lovers who do you like more Sasuke or Naruto?

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  • For anime lovers who do you like more Sasuke or Naruto?


Answer #1 | 19/04 2007 18:33
Well that's a little hard you see Sasuke is a guy that is determent but with a goal going the wrong way just because his brorther's stuped idea of killing all the Uchiha clan for just knowing what his capepable of. If it wasent for that he can be expresive and go out of the darkness.He dosen't belong there.he is a good sensitive and nice guy. While Naruto he had a bad past but a great future.Hes an idiot but not cold hearted.
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Answer #2 | 18/04 2007 05:12
Why not ask this question in the entertainment folder--not in Dining Out.
Answer #3 | 18/04 2007 07:41
Naruto. Sasuke is a power hungry weenie who turned his back on people who cared for him.
Answer #4 | 18/04 2007 22:00
i like sasuke more because he's determined. He went through a lot of things, he basically grew up without a family and still he turned out to be just fine. and i love how he wants to kill his brother so bad that he's willing to do anything. naruto is just annoying with his "believe it" (no i don't watch naruto in English, but i heard it so many times)
Answer #5 | 18/04 2007 04:42
oh i read it wrong, i thought you asked for animal lovers. anyway i would choose naruto cause i dont know what sasuke is.
Answer #6 | 19/04 2007 00:57
NARUTO is the best as he has a strong determination to fight the EVIL FORCES......
Answer #7 | 18/04 2007 22:15
can you eat naruto or sasuke on boracay? posted your question on a wrong category. anyway. i like naruto more. i always watch the series when i was still in manila.

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