First time doing shrooms?

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  • First time doing shrooms?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 06:11
Lol, that last comment about your friends made me laugh a little. You really should find a babysitter if you plan on going out just incase you need to interact with someone for something. Taking 3.5g for a first trip is a heavy dose, with that amount there's a good chance you won't have much control to be honest. You'll likely be so overwhelmed by all that is going on in your brain you won't really be able to wonder around outside. You'll more than likely sit in the park giggling the entire time, or you'll go the opposite way and get anxious because you're not in the protection and comfort of say your home. This is not to say you wouldn't enjoy a full eighth, you just won't want to go out on that much your first time. Taking 1.75g for a first trip is my personal recommendation. With that dose you will feel the effects, but you'll remain in control of your thoughts and feelings. You'll be more likely to walk around and explore and if you start having a bad trip you'll still be in control enough to help yourself. No, I don't think eating fruits and veggies only will have any discernable impact on your trip vs a meat and processed foods eater. It actually takes a small amount of psilocybin to trip, if you really want it to kick in fast grind them into a powder and let it soak in some lemon juice for about 15 minutes before taking. The lemon juice will break down the cell walls allowing it to be absorbed by your stomach faster. Best of luck, enjoy your trip.
Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 09:27
Eat the 3.5. 1.75 is a waste, leaving you with yet another ineffective dose. You just need to be in a place where you are free to be yourself. Experienced psychnonauts have little trouble being in public while peaking. But for a beginner, more of a private experience is advisable.
Answer #3 | 30/12 2013 23:10
I'd say take half an eighth. For your first trip I HIGHLY recommend you avoid public places. You'll probably get paranoid and your trip won't be as good or possibly even bad. So if that park area has people there often I wouldn't go for your first time. However that does look like and EPIC place to trip, I would say go on a few trips first then trip at that park, but I would try and find a baby sitter in public. As for self control you will have it at times. You will most likely try and control yourself then get fascinated by something and lose yourself then come back to reality and this will probably continue on and on.

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