Fiat Stilo . Keeps cutting out?

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  • Fiat Stilo . Keeps cutting out?


Answer #1 | 20/09 2013 23:56
Hi well this now 11 year old car has some electrical issues which would best to tackled in a fiat dealers workshop as they have the right diagnostics tester with the software. otherwise the POKE and NO HOPE method results in spending out money when it is not needed and you never get to the cause of the problem.
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Answer #2 | 20/09 2013 23:29
It may be in the fuel filter, or the fuel pump may have a fault in the diaphragm, causing a loss of pressure under acceleration. Check to see how many fuel filters are in the system, some never get noticed or changed.
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Answer #3 | 21/09 2013 16:42
It's a FIAT - even in Italy there aren't many models on the road. Electrical or fuel? Carry a spare plug - next time it stops pull a lead and put the plug in and short it out against a metal part of the engine and get someone to turn it over. No spark you have an ignition problem. If you remove that plug from the engine it should have petrol on it. If you are getting a spark then you could have a fuel problem. There are a number of units which could be at fault starting from the fuel tank. Change the fuel filter if you have not done so and while it is disconnected put a low pressure air line on the fuel line from the tank and blow it back to the tank (remove the filler cap first) Fiat service is expensive. If this is your only problem sort it but if you start having more it will be time to find another car. Good luck.
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Answer #4 | 20/09 2013 23:17
Post last time F did the scheduled maint on it. if it's overdue, start there. always have the brand name dealer, F here, do that...on schedule, and that includes oil changes.
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