Favorite fast food outlet?

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  • Favorite fast food outlet?


Answer #1 | 15/07 2009 06:11
Burger King, I guess.
Answer #2 | 15/07 2009 07:08
kfc and mcdonalds
Answer #3 | 15/07 2009 07:00
Whataburger! Go TEXAS!
Answer #4 | 15/07 2009 06:58
Subway subs !! Get the Meat ball Marinara
Answer #5 | 15/07 2009 08:08
I'm a big fan of Chick-fil-a if your in the mood for a great chicken sandwich instead of the usual burger. Their nuggets are awesome too! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it:)
Answer #6 | 15/07 2009 08:25
I personally don't like fast food because they are causing America to become obese. People are using this fast way of food to get out of cooking. But, I don't totally disapprove of them. When people are in a big hurry and need a quick fix they are good, but only every once and a while. Or sometimes as a treat for after sometime special. But anyway, if I had to choose, I would choose Subway, because it not only tastes good, but it is better for you than most other fast food places.
Answer #7 | 15/07 2009 13:47
Wendy's,i love their baked potatoes.
Answer #8 | 15/07 2009 08:51
burger king, subway and MacDonald's
Answer #9 | 15/07 2009 08:36
McDonalds Big Mac

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