Family researchers including myself stumped in an area of our genealogy research.?

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  • Family researchers including myself stumped in an area of our genealogy research.?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 15:50
So is this from a family story or have you got a real record of the marriage and the baptisms and birth certs of these children as proof that the marriage happened and the children were in fact born? If not then that is where you start in getting record proof they in fact existed ........................
Answer #2 | 18/12 2013 21:35
I searched for about an hour and found a family names Kemmer, who had a child names Mary . I would no record of Todd. Bradley or Bradford. If you provided more specific information about your Grandmother, like birth and death dates and places I might be able locate something.
Answer #3 | 18/12 2013 21:50
continuing via the marriage record for Mary and Paul Todd...' These clearly would be the Fred and (Mary J/ Josephine) both buried in the same county but not same cemetery. Fred Jr. would be a sibling to Mary. that leads me to Fred and Josephine in the 1910 census, here... HOWEVER... Fred Jr is spotted, but no daughter named Mary Alice. An elder sister = Bertha. Using her birth year per the marriage doc.. she SHOULD BE living with parents in that year. So the lack of records might be an error in her actual first name? Something is off on this, and that is a possible answer. Based on all info to date.. she apparently married prior to 1920, and one would expect her to be with husband Bradford/ Bradley in the 1920 census. edit friendly tip... us here in genealogy are friendly, and work with each other, not competing like other areas on answers. Putting stuff "in front" is a benefit, we can build on what someone else might find. Food for thought: Fred and Josephine are certainly right family per her marriage doc, and consistent with being buried in Montana. The record does say she was married before, but she used Kennemer as name there. And she was not shown on early census with them. I am looking at Bradford, but if that isn't the correct name, it is running in a circle. Grover is common in that time as a name.. perhaps for the President Cleveland. And I am also hunting Missouri, but the key info might be elsewhere. You never know where the wall breaker clue might be. Is very typical in genealogy that the family story has a core of factual, but is OFF on a detail or two.
Answer #4 | 19/12 2013 18:43
Mary has a birth year of 1901. There is a 1905 Duluth City Directory for a Fred E. Kemmerer that states he moved to Anaconda Montana. So in or by end of 1905 the Kemmerer Family that should have included 4 yr daughter Mary moved to Anaconda, Deer Lodge County Montana. So if she married "young" then it should have been in Montana. I would say the earliest she could have married was 15, so 1916. To have 4 kids it would have been about 1922 maybe 1921. To be in Missouri to leave her kids she would have been with either 1st or second husband then is back in MT by 1927. The state of MO has a 1910 to 1962 online scanned death certificates and I do not find a B*rt Brad* (Burt, Bert, Bart Bradley, Bradford, also Ebert, Albert etc.) MO allows siblings of adoptees register to make contact with with adoptees. have one of her Todd children file a request. If the older children as adults have also registered then a connection can be made or will bw make if they ever register. I see the family were in Canada in 1916 so look at Canadian marriages and birth records and search 1920 census for children b. Canada with a mother born in Minnesota or Montana. Or Children born in MO with father b. Canada, mother MN or MT.

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