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  • family question.....?


Answer #1 | 12/06 2010 09:27
the world may never know... O_O Snape has a child thats asian. for all we know he could have went to mexico and hooked up with a girl there too!
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Answer #2 | 12/06 2010 08:58
snape and voldy are you fathers. ..... thats all I can keep track of, frankly =D edit: SIBLINGS: some other ppl :/ @Draco: woho, no need to get "into it", there's a kid running around (Lilith)! Careful!jeeezzzz
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Answer #3 | 12/06 2010 11:52
I'm your niece. Batman/Snap/Severus is my grandfather.
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Answer #4 | 12/06 2010 09:11
That's a hard question even I don't know how many kids I have. The one that I know off are Harry, Cho, Lilth, and Raven Snape, Artemus, Arianna (well Arianna is kinda my step-daughter, but I'm not with Lily anymore so IDK) these are your brother and sister. I may have more kids out there. Lupin was suppose to give birth to my baby......don't know what happened. I'll edit if I remember more kids.
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Answer #5 | 12/06 2010 10:41
Artemus is my son making him your step brother I forget who Severus's childeren are, you have many step sisters.
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Answer #6 | 12/06 2010 09:09
Cissy said it. =)
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Answer #7 | 12/06 2010 09:04
*Sighs* Here goes: Siblings for you: Raven Snape Cho Chang Lilith Malfoy Arianna? ....... I could've sworn there were more! oh well Draco Malfoy she is your sister.... >:| *stares at cormac in disbelief* WHOO CORMAC! *shrugs* What? You deserved it ... its the first time i heard you do something like that
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