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Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 02:24
Without going into areas that might make others recoil, I don't think you can develop the idea, humorous though it is, of "professional twerking" very far. Of course, I have no idea what you actually do, so I have to make up something. My idea is Bitcoin, if you know what Bitcoins are. They are a form of currency created electronically, for the internet, a kind of open source digital currency. You can read about them on Wikipedia or elsewhere. You could claim: I am trying to encourage local businesses and all my friends to start using Bitcoins. The advantages of Bitcoin are that people can pay for things directly on line without using Paypal or any other currency system and that all transactions are private. I approach local small businesses and explain how opening a Bitcoin account costs no money and will bring in more business. My friends and I sometimes sell things to each other, and I push the notion that they pay in Bitcoins. But the most interesting part of Bitcoins is that, according to the rules of those who created Bitcoin, the money can be "mined." It is a way of learning more about computer code and making money at the same time. Bitcoin is the future!

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