Explain how machine code differs from assembly language?

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  • Explain how machine code differs from assembly language?


Answer #1 | 14/09 2014 14:54
Assembly code is written using abbreviated words which can be learned like a language. Eg., 8080 microprocessor program ; memcpy -- ; Copy a block of memory from one location to another. ; ; Entry registers ; BC - Number of bytes to copy ; DE - Address of source data block ; HL - Address of target data block ; ; Return registers ; BC - Zero 1000 org 1000h ;Origin at 1000h 1000 memcpy public 1000 78 loop mov a,b ;Test BC, 1001 B1 ora c ;If BC = 0, 1002 C8 rz ;Return 1003 1A ldax d ;Load A from (DE) 1004 77 mov m,a ;Store A into (HL) 1005 13 inx d ;Increment DE 1006 23 inx h ;Increment HL 1007 0B dcx b ;Decrement BC 1008 C3 00 10 jmp loop ;Repeat the loop 100B end The machine code version of the same program is just the hexadecimal numbers, 78 B1 C8 1A 77 13 23 0B C3 00 10 It is much easier for people to work in assembly language than machine code. In fact, during a programming project I worked on during the early 1980s, I only had 2k of memory to work with. I ended up having dreams involving moving binary numbers through the various 8080 microprocessor registers because I tried working in machine code rather than assembly language. It is not something I recommend to anyone.
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