Everyone at school hates me, and I have to go back tomorrow?

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  • Everyone at school hates me, and I have to go back tomorrow?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 11:44
Stop giving a f*ck, that's what I always do. If people hate you, who cares, you won't see any of them after graduation anyway.
Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 11:59
That girl was never your best friend! She never treated you like one...She kinda used you. Common! Don't just bother about that girl. She has so many people around her & she can't lose any of them, she doesn't wanna lose that importance, that's why she turned everyone against you. First of all, you decided to ignore all of them, please ignore, continue to do that, because you can't explain the whole school what you are. Be friendly with your teachers, build up guts in you and talk to your teacher about this. Try to concentrate on your school work, make the teachers happy, impress them by doing all the work, no one can ever stop you from doing that. When someone pushes you, stand up again and do your work. When someone throws your stuff, pick them up and go away. When somebody pulls your chair, put it in the right place back. When somebody spills water on you or your book, complain it to your teacher. Do things like this. I know you've been ignoring them, and its seems to be of no use. But continue doing that, they can't go on like this for years and centuries! They will have to stop some day! Try to look better than that girl. Win teachers' heart, help students when they need, and they will obviously become good to you. It took a lot of time to write your problem on Yahoo Answers, I know, it was tough, I thought I could help you a little. Hope this helps. Remember, when no one is with you, Almighty is always with you. :) Keep smiling, and keep yourself busy with other stuffs. Best wishes.

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