ELGAS changing gas prices too often?

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  • ELGAS changing gas prices too often?


Answer #1 | 25/11 2013 20:46
Do you have a contract with them?
Answer #2 | 25/11 2013 21:29
I use ELGAS bottled gas for heating, with bottles that are replaced when empty. A couple of years ago the cost was around $100 per bottle then, once the Carbon Tax was introduced, the price gradually increased to $117 per bottle. But that's certainly nowhere near as big an increase as yours. The Carbon Tax is not high enough to have produced these increases, and my view is this it's price gouging by energy companies. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to change companies - there's little choice in rural areas. But you can do something about your price hike. Your options are: speak with ELGAS, that often results in a discount; contact the Energy Ombudsman in your State/Terr; change providers. If you speak with ELGAS and find you aren't getting anywhere, just casually mention the Energy Ombudsman and that you are looking for another provider. That often works a treat, they can't afford to lose your business!

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