Duh-Dark Lord Voldy is GONE!!?

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  • Duh-Dark Lord Voldy is GONE!!?


Answer #1 | 20/02 2011 07:09
Aww Bellatrix! I am sorry. U can hang out at Hogwarts to get over it in the common room. :(
Answer #2 | 20/02 2011 07:20
He's... he's... He's the LOLLIPOP man! *Cries*
Answer #3 | 20/02 2011 07:09
Is He Gone, I don't Think So ! " Hugs and Kisses " We are Here for you ! Right Granger , Granger .....Where did she Go ? Edit : Here She Comes ! @ Bella : Didn't I say We Love You !
Answer #4 | 20/02 2011 07:09
Here ya go Bella! *Hugz* Icky!..whats that you put the perfume ''posion'' Bellatrix?
Answer #5 | 20/02 2011 07:23
Oh I'm here Jack. *hugs you and bursts into tears* I'm so so sorry Bella :( :( We ALL LOVE YOU don't you forget that. lol @Jack Sparrow's comment. Don't worry she knows
Answer #6 | 20/02 2011 07:38
Aww, Bellatrix D: *hugs* I'm sorry about Voldemort. But don't worry, you don't need a man to be happy. You're Bellatrix, not Bella Swan. You want to go for some Firewhiskey? We can go to the Hog's Head, I hear it's karaoke night. Bella, we are gonna get you /laid/. :P
Answer #7 | 20/02 2011 13:58
*HUGS* But you died b4 voldemort, how do you know hes gone....... Are you a ghost now? Can you get me into a death day party? : D Thanks Laura
Answer #8 | 20/02 2011 13:33
... I'm confused. Is everything okay now? But yes, of course. Firewhiskey's on me.
Answer #9 | 20/02 2011 11:30
Oh my dear! I'm so sorry! *hugs* I just want you to know that if you need anyone to talk to, I'm here. :) <3
Answer #10 | 20/02 2011 08:18
*sighs*i know my opinion is never to be read but life is better when you are single will cry you will get that feeling out of you through tears.a few days later you will be fine and lord voldemort will be history!

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