Does this looks like a Scooter its 49cc?

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  • Does this looks like a Scooter its 49cc?


Answer #1 | 21/03 2017 05:46
Yes, check your local laws.
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Answer #2 | 26/02 2017 09:13
Looks like a very normal 50cc bike/scooter to me. Rather a good one actually.
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Answer #3 | 26/02 2017 11:29
it looks like a 49 cc moped .
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Answer #4 | 26/02 2017 09:55
a scooter always has a body where you can step through and a platform for your feet
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Answer #5 | 27/02 2017 19:24
No. In Asian market commonly called 'underbone', several makers, Honda had a 'CT50' about like that, SYM makes sort of licensed copy of the older Honda with Honda tooling and lots of SYMs seen around campus.
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Answer #6 | 26/02 2017 08:58
Hmm! Yup
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Answer #7 | 27/02 2017 20:48
Lol omg
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Answer #8 | 28/02 2017 11:08
Technically it's not a scooter as the engine/transmission is not attached directly to the rear wheel. However for all intents and purposes (and probably legalities) it is classed as a scooter since it has a step-thru frame.
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Answer #9 | 26/02 2017 13:52
It's a small motorcycle. Mopeds have pedals and scooters have foot boards.
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Answer #10 | 26/02 2017 12:41
Hi it might be classed a motorcycle not a scooter as such.
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Answer #11 | 28/02 2017 08:24
in asia Known as a Moped
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Answer #12 | 26/02 2017 10:26
No that is a moped.
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Answer #13 | 26/02 2017 09:41
No. It looks like an underbone lightweight bike, many mopeds used to have this configuration (originally they had to have pedals that were capable of driving them but the regulations here have changed). Scooters generally have enclosing bodywork at the rear with leg guards curving down to a platform to put you feet. The main difference is that scooters have their engine mounted at the rear of the frame on the swingarm. This example has the engine mounted as a "conventional" motorcycle. Of course, depending where you live this might be legally treated the same as a scooter, but it is not strictly-speaking a scooter. I used to have a Honda PA50 which was very similar (except it had pedals) – useful for commuting short distances, not so good for long distance.
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Answer #14 | 26/02 2017 14:37
its a motorbike, actually a good imitation of the classic Honda 50cc Cub with front disk brakes can you please tell me the model name, manufacturer?
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Answer #15 | 01/03 2017 20:02
Does not matter the engine size. The only source of power is the motor so it is a motorcycle. This one you NEED a motorcycle license...and insurance...and maybe a helmet. It is not a moped. It is a female style motorcycle as they can step through kind of like a girls bike is styled with a step through frame. It would not be able to do highway speeds so just in neighborhoods of 30MPH. It is more the Light grocery getter and is usually mounted on the front of the spare tire which is mounted on the front bumper of pickup trucks when they go camping...and get a camp spot to park the truck. It is made for level roads. It can handle gravel roads. Dimo J picture (above) cannot even handle deep gravel. It is strictly flat surfaces. It is your motorized Scooter even though it looks like a skateboard with a steering wheel. A Moped is a Motorized Pedalcycle which can only be 49cc maximum displacement. It also cannot go faster than 30MPH. Then you can drive it by pedaling it like a bicycle or engaging the motor and running the motor or helping the motor by also pedaling up steep hills. Both are more an in the neighborhood type toy. But you can drive it with a car driver's license.
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