does speaker cables matter?

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  • does speaker cables matter?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 20:11
Everything affects quality. The trick is to find that point where you don't spend more than you need for a decent result. With speaker cable, the important factors are 1) material type..... 100% copper is good. Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) and Copper Clad Staeel (CCS) are bad. These are what you get in cheap Chinese cables. 2) conductor thickness..... Speaker cables are power lines. Thinner cables lose power faster than thicker ones over distance. 14~16 gauge is thick enough for most lounge set-ups unless you live in a huge barn conversion. 3) Slightly contentious but Long Crystal Oxygen Free Cable (LCOFC) does sound marginally better. A long time ago there used to be a big step up in cost from basic copper to LCOFC. That's no longer the case. Monoprice sell LCOFC type speaker cable at very affordable prices so that the difference in cost is negligible. Even of your speakers can quite resolve the difference, if there's very little price difference, then buying LCOFC won't harm your system Banana plugs are a way to make a neat finish on your speaker cables. With AV gear you won't hear much if any difference. However, you will avoid shorting out your speaker terminals behind the amp because the bare wire is splayed out all over the place. That alone is worth the cost of them. Banana plugs make sense at the back of the receiver where there's lots of sockets. This isn't a problem at the back of individual speakers though. It's personal preference whether you use them on speakers or not.
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