Does nothing happen without god allowing it to happen?

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  • Does nothing happen without god allowing it to happen?


Answer #1 | 12/05 2014 01:23
Everything happens without god allowing it to happen. Nothing happens without somebody falsely blaming it on god, who doesn't exist.
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Answer #2 | 10/05 2014 18:32
Sodium and chlorine don't automatically join to form water. Well, you got that one right, Randy. To answer your question - (Short version) - in the beginning, one of the angels that God created, challenged His right to rule the universe. God's response was to allow a certain amount of time for the angel and mankind to prove themselves correct. To make that valid, God cannot interfere. So what you are seeing is the result of Satan's rule, with man willingly following him. The only ones not enslaved by Satan are those who have willingly refused to follow him and have instead, dedicated their lives to God in TRUTH. Just as the bible says, the truth will set you free. So, the answer to your question is yes and no.
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Answer #3 | 10/05 2014 18:14
God only controls his has his free agency to be good or bad in this life......... he just watches until mankinds cup is full of iniquity
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Answer #4 | 11/05 2014 09:53
God has his plans and we are to follow it whether in success or failure or publicity. For everything will work out for the Glory of God!
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Answer #5 | 10/05 2014 18:08
No. Everything happens without God allowing it to happen.
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Answer #6 | 10/05 2014 18:09
Well, God made science, and, as far as I can tell, God is the only source of miracles. Your question is awkwardly worded, so I'm not giving a yes or no answer. I'll say that all things that happen are allowed to happen by God.
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Answer #7 | 11/05 2014 04:34
Why "allowing" and "time"? Satan’s rebellion, visibly initiated in Eden, produced an issue of universal importance—that of the rightfulness of God’s sovereignty over all his creatures, his right to require full obedience of them. Since the issue was not one of superiority of power but, rather, was a moral issue, it could not be settled merely by the exercise of power, as by God’s immediately crushing Satan and the human pair out of existence. This fact is an aid in understanding why wickedness and its author, Satan, have been allowed to continue so long.
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Answer #8 | 10/05 2014 18:10
God allows nothing to happen. I vaguely thought that.
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Answer #9 | 10/05 2014 18:10
Your heart wouldn't keep ticking unless God allowed it.
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Answer #10 | 10/05 2014 18:22
A leaf of a tree falleth not without the will of God.
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Answer #12 | 10/05 2014 18:15
This is the Muslim response to chemistry. Sodium and chlorine don't automatically join to form water, each molecular formation is a spontaneous act of God's will. Your question involves predestination as well. This principle has been argued about for many hundreds of years. The laws of probability deny any predestination. That is, chance exists. There is an entire branch of modern mathematics called Chaos Theory. To picture this, imagine that in a 100 gallon of tank you know the specific location of a molecule. Suddenly the tank explodes. Now it's impossible to tell where that molecule is or will be.
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Answer #13 | 10/05 2014 18:09
Time and unforeseen occupancies befall us all, God is aware that things happen but we have free will to do as we choose. He doesn't manipulate things if that's what you mean.
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Answer #14 | 10/05 2014 18:10
the thing is, whether you're right (you're not) or wrong, what difference does it make?
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Answer #15 | 10/05 2014 19:11
I think I am right
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Answer #16 | 12/05 2014 13:23
Nothing can happen in the univesre with out the knowledge of GOD because GOD, the Lord of all the worlds is Omniscience. Not a single leaf that fall from the tree with out the permission of GOD.
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Answer #17 | 10/05 2014 18:15
God could care less.
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Answer #19 | 10/05 2014 18:07
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