Does muscle building change personality?

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  • Does muscle building change personality?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 03:48
Weight lifting can be a big confidence booster, but can only go so far. Personality changes have to be rooted in desire, and carried out by hard work. I recommend reading this essay about weight lifting, it is very insightful, it really provides a view of what weight lifting can be for someone.
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 05:16
I have tackled guys much bigger than me .It is all in the hearth . Size got nothing to do with it . If you decide that you will be tougher that you shall be . You never got confidence because you were beaten down by your siblings from day one so you simply didn't know better .Nothing wrong with building muscle ,do it by all means ,but to get mentally stronger you can do 2 things . One is to completely ignore everybody .... no matter what they do to you show no emotions ,never cry ,never complain and soon they will loose their interest in you . Like a cat and the mouse . Once mouse is dead most likely cat will stop playing with it . Second thing you can do is to return any punch and any insult but again without showing any emotions like anger . Simply return the punch without making angry expression on your face .And in general it is the way to live your life,show no emotions and pay no attention to anything annoying that might happen to you . Less attention you pay less it will happen to you .
Answer #3 | 21/12 2013 06:26
Building muscles can help improve your personality. First, seeing yourself as someone who is strong, with a well toned body is a confidence booster. You'll know that you look more manly and attractive to others. You'll have greater confidence in yourself in your interactions with others. Second, building muscle takes time and lots of effort and consistent training. Knowing that you have the persistence to accomplish your goals is a confidence booster that will give you a winning personality. Don't give us. Stick with it.
Answer #4 | 24/12 2013 15:31
Building muscles can improve your personality in the way that it could give you more confidence. When you are more confident about yourself, it will reflect in your personality and you will be a happier person.

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