does leaving on your 4g waste your data?

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  • does leaving on your 4g waste your data?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 20:21
Cellular Data is used only when you're doing something Internet-related. If you're taking pictures, viewing pictures, writing notes down, changing settings, setting alarms, or using apps which don't use the Internet, you should be fine. Even if your phone is on sleep mode, or you are simply on the home screen, it won't use data. Even if your phone uses a little bit of data at a time, it should be fine, unless you have a very small amount. PS. If you use AT&T and have an iPhone (don't know if this works with Android/Windows Phone), you can call the number *3283# to check usage. It's not actually a call, but it sends you a text which has a bunch of information, which can help you to monitor how much data you have left. It should say something like Data (MB): 520.34 or 2048. The numbers will vary.

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