Does leaving hair oil overnight gives more benefits?

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  • Does leaving hair oil overnight gives more benefits?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 04:49
Yes, good idea
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Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 03:21
yes..its beneficial but it should be only done once or twice a week or your face may become oily as a result of your hair
Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 03:27
I did this cause I had really bad hair at one point and it did, but I had to wash it about twice to get the oiliness out
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Answer #4 | 20/12 2013 03:19
yes the longer its in the better the results
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Answer #5 | 20/12 2013 03:37
Yes it is! In fact, I do that and I have very strong and long hair! You see, the oils that go into your hair make it stronger, and not to mention, it makes your hair shine! If you don't know, stronger hair grows faster than weak hair. I highly recommend Moroccan Argan Oil! That's the one I use! It doesn't make your hair look oily and greasy such as other oils. Try to not put it on your scalp, only in your hair. Also, don't put too much! For short hair, only put a pea-size drop of it onto your finger, then on your hair. For longer hair, try putting about two times the size of a pea. Hope I helped! :)
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