Does God exist and if yes why?

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  • Does God exist and if yes why?


Answer #1 | 25/11 2013 16:09
Have a look
Answer #2 | 25/11 2013 17:02
Well we sure didn't come from apes. God created the heavens and the earth.the waters and the sky, animals and humans. Just look around you and you ll have your answer. God is everywhere. God is the only answer
Answer #3 | 25/11 2013 18:30
ask yourself...each person holds his/her own belief.
Answer #4 | 25/11 2013 16:56
B-E-E-R is proof god indeed exists, and loves mankind.
Answer #5 | 25/11 2013 16:18
Oh yes god does exist, look around you at the beauty of the world and that should tell you that it is a creation of god. Look at the clouds in the sky, there is not one that is alike .Look at the beauty of a flower and study the design.
Answer #6 | 25/11 2013 16:10
I don't believe that much I can't give you a straight out answer because I don't know myself there is a lot of evidence regarding he does exist but I find it tricky to answer as lots of people ask me this whatever you believe in everyone is different I believe there is a god but not that miracle stuff.
Answer #7 | 25/11 2013 16:13
Hey, Look around you and ask yourself where did all this begin? This all had to have a beginning, and where? Well as you look around you should see all kinds of things, some large and some small however even the small things have such complex structures, different atoms and molecules working together in so many ways. All this all points to a creator much larger than the material made. Which therefore points to an Almighty God. Yes, there is a God and he loves you and wants you to know him! He even sent his son Jesus to die for you on the cross. All you have to do is believe in him, confess your sins, and ask for everlasting salvation to know him and be with Him in Eternity one day!! Read the bible for any more questions you may have... Hope I helped you out and God Bless You
Answer #8 | 25/11 2013 16:14 Yes he exists. I hope these websites can give you further insight.
Answer #9 | 25/11 2013 19:15
Other people can only do so much to help you on this one. They can guide you to a certain direction but in the end you decided whether you believe or not. I recommend reading the bible, going to a church and praying. Maybe even try talking things out with a priest because everything you talk to him about is only between the 2 of you and it's completely confidential. Soon you'll find your answer. But you have to be patient, it won't just come to you. Follow your heart and what you believe is right, and hopefully everything will fall into place. Miracles aren't just in fairytales.
Answer #10 | 25/11 2013 19:37
yes. because the bible. and the torah. so... yes.
Answer #11 | 28/11 2013 14:02
When I was a child I used to believe in god... The christian one... I was naive and believed in everything. My mum one day told me... If you brlieve in christians precepts that means you don't believe in the existence of dinosaurs... I stopped going to the church after that. I know, stupid right? But now, ten years later I finally figured it out: religion is human stupidity at its best... But it won't hurt you to believe that there is a greater being out there, what do we have to lose in simply believing?
Answer #12 | 25/11 2013 16:13
Yes, God does exist. Everybody is talking about evidence and facts, and that there is no proof that God exists. We are all made by God and thinking hat we evolved from nothing after the big bang is silly I think. Wouldn't the explosion have destroyed everything on earth anyway? I don't know how scientists explain that so speak no more of. But I do know this. You cannot see love, or hate or happiness, but you can see the effects of them. I am not comparing God to a feeling, because He is so much more than that, but think of it that way if you want logic. You have to have faith in God. Faith is believing in what you do not see, and even if you have faith, you will not instantly be able see God. The only way you will ever get proof is when you die and then if you do not believe, it's a bit too late.
Answer #13 | 27/11 2013 18:45
of course he is who created the earth
Answer #14 | 26/11 2013 12:57
The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today. YES God Exist you can have a go through
Answer #15 | 25/11 2013 22:23
yes, in people's imaginations
Answer #16 | 26/11 2013 08:44
If God would exist He would place this question in the right category.
Answer #17 | 26/11 2013 09:50
yes. he does. look around.

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