Does anyone have a problem with sharing food ?

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  • Does anyone have a problem with sharing food ?


Answer #1 | 14/08 2013 20:27
You are not in the wrong, however there are ways to work around this, that might be acceptable to you.... For example, of someone asks to taste something from your plate, you could cut it from a portion you have not touched and transfer it to their plate or a napkin. They are the only ones risking germs. You could explain to them that you were taught in school that sharing can spread germs and colds. It is harder with family, i personally would just get another piece of silverware that hasn't been used and transfer a portion to their plate. This way they are not dipping their germs into your food :) also, maybe you can explain in private to your parents that you felt you were being considerate by not transferring germs. Hope this helped.
Answer #2 | 14/08 2013 20:30
Did you tell him why you didn't share your food? Next time in a situation like that, tell them your resins as to WHY you dot share your food. And it's your choice if you wanted to share it, people shouldn't be upset with you about it.
Answer #3 | 18/08 2013 01:30
No I haven't.

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