does anyone else have this? -blackhead under your armpits?

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  • does anyone else have this? -blackhead under your armpits?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 15:14
Your body has pores just like your face does, and what this sounds like is basically like a pimple. Because the pores your other body parts are smaller than your face, they tend to be harder to pop and harder to notice over time. If you shave there, it's possible that it was a hair that was ingrown, became infected, and you basically just popped it. If it was infected, that would explain the terrible smell. Put some Neosporin on it, or something that will help heal it up, because you don't want any more stuff getting in there and making it worse. I have had one of these before too. They're painful and gross, but they aren't abnormal. Keep an eye on it, though. If you get many more or notice the sore isn't going away, then you should get it checked out.

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