does anyone else hate computers so much that you refuse to use them?

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  • does anyone else hate computers so much that you refuse to use them?


Answer #1 | 28/11 2006 04:45
Interesting question.....I wonder how anyone could answer it "yes", without using one?
Answer #2 | 28/11 2006 04:51
i think no one will hate it because most who will answer u from who use computer but sometimes computer is useless when its used in stupid things and not important
Answer #3 | 28/11 2006 04:51
You were on a computer when you posted this, stupid. Also, asking this question on a digital forum probably won't yield the answer you're looking for from non-computer users.
Answer #4 | 28/11 2006 04:45
Older people do, at least in my family.
Answer #5 | 28/11 2006 04:52
You hate computers so much you refuse to use them? Then how did this question get here - did Hal type it for you?! Seriously, I agree. I hate these stupid machines sometimes and almost wish we could just do away with them. They are great for finding info and etc. but they cause so much trouble and even the fast ones go so slow it's crazy. I could look up stuff in a book faster sometimes!
Answer #6 | 28/11 2006 04:53
Not using them would be impossible, but i do try to use them as little as i can. When working, they make my back feel bad, they make my eyes tired and it takes me four times as much to do stuff in excel than most people. I hate having to work with them BUT i do redognize that they make my work much simpler....
Answer #7 | 28/11 2006 14:00
NOOO WAY!!!! Life would be sooo hard without one... for me anyway!
Answer #8 | 28/11 2006 07:00
obviously you dont bc your on here.
Answer #9 | 28/11 2006 05:48
No . I like computers
Answer #10 | 28/11 2006 05:42
If that were the case, they wouldn't be on Answers!

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