Do your prefer the Eggplant Parmesan from Rome or Turin?

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  • Do your prefer the Eggplant Parmesan from Rome or Turin?


Answer #1 | 03/06 2007 16:04
I don't want Eggplant Parmesan, or any kind of Eggplant, even if it came from Mars!! DE
Answer #2 | 04/06 2007 15:41
Hi baby what's up sweetie it's da diva here baby and well to answer your question sweetie I prefer the'' Eggplant Pamesan'' from Rome Italy because I'm from Rome Italy and I know for a main fact the eggplants parmesan taste much better than the ones in ''Turin'' Turin eggplant parmesan are alright but I just think and feel like Rome eggplant parmesan taste better. as a matter of fact I think that I should catch a plane back to Italy and buy one then come back to Amercia sweetie what do you just kidding got to go baby love ya smootches da diva.*
Answer #3 | 05/06 2007 00:49
What is the difference ?
Answer #4 | 05/06 2007 02:59
I love melanzane parmegiano. It's best if you meet someone then have dinner at their house, like my cousin who cooks it really good and she's from Venice.
Answer #5 | 05/06 2007 03:59
From Rome of course.... or made by a Roman in Turin!

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