Do you think my (ex) friend overreacted?

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  • Do you think my (ex) friend overreacted?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 10:18
IF she were a true friend in the first place you wouldnt even have to ask this question.
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Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 10:30
There is always that one person in a group of friends, I think she overreacted. She can tell you want she thinks in a positive way, like she wants you to respect yourself because your are too good to be giving yourself away like that to someone how doesn't appreciate it, but really you are going to make your own life chooses and your other friends got it but she seemed to be a real downer from your point of view. And if you guys were just sleeping together like normal people she should freak out so much, if anything you should be mad for her waking you up. I do agree though that you should think about what you are doing with the guy though, not in a bad way but more of a I hope you don't regret it later way, but yes I agree with you she overreacted and acted oddly too judgmental.
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