Do you think Italians are very picky about food?

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  • Do you think Italians are very picky about food?


Answer #1 | 19/08 2006 12:32
yes verryy
Answer #2 | 19/08 2006 12:39
How can you say the Italians are Picky about food when all they eat is long white worms, and colourful Frisbee's
Answer #3 | 19/08 2006 12:41
i live in Italy. yes they are very picky, I meant they pay a lot of attention to the quality... and the pizza is delicious here.... yummy...
Answer #4 | 19/08 2006 12:39
Food is highly valued as a commodity in Italy, but it's probably the way we eat rather than what we eat that the Italians find repulsive. A Meal in Italy is an event; a social gathering with a large selection of home-cooked treats. A meal here is throwing food down our throats, and the fast-food industry really embodies this approach. It's not surprising then that the Italians aren't too keen on being taken out for dinner rather than enjoying some quality time with their hosts.
Answer #5 | 19/08 2006 12:38
i think italians have a relationship with their food, its more than just food to them, look at how they cook and enjoy their food. i work part time at an italian resturant (trattoria rustica, norwich) and i must admit my italian boss loves food and enjoys seeing people enjoy food.
Answer #6 | 19/08 2006 12:33
i love italian food.
Answer #7 | 19/08 2006 12:34
i dont think they're picky eaters, they just like their food better and it takes some getting used to for them to try new things.
Answer #8 | 19/08 2006 12:35
Italians believe (and I agree) that they can cook better than any restaurant. Food is very important to them. Wish I could live there!!
Answer #9 | 19/08 2006 12:58
OK thanks
Answer #10 | 19/08 2006 13:00
yes and i heard and learned the hard way they dont like to hire people of color in an italian resturant. i worked 2 hours when i was about 20 yrs old. they let me go nicly but i got the hint.
Answer #11 | 20/08 2006 11:25
I love Italian food. If I lived in Italy and ate that sort of food all the time I too, would probably turn my nose up at being taken to an English resturant. (apart from the local chippy)
Answer #12 | 20/08 2006 11:38
I'm Italian, i love our food... I'm not picky with food, i like try food from other countries but, as long i taste other food, even more i adore Italian food... when i go abroad i want to came back just to have my pasta cooked by my mum !!! ;-D mum is the best !!!
Answer #13 | 20/08 2006 05:51
I do not believe picky is the proper word, how about they have their preferences. Don't we all?
Answer #14 | 19/08 2006 20:49
Joe Pesci is my hero.
Answer #15 | 19/08 2006 13:13
Italians aren't picky I don't think, they just know what tastes good and they just have good food.
Answer #16 | 19/08 2006 13:46
it all depends on the person i would rather have a good home made italian meal than anything but i am italian
Answer #17 | 19/08 2006 20:30
i go to italy a lot haveing close relatives that r italins n my uncle is an italin chef i can say they r pick but its not that they r pick they r just used to better food thats all

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