Do you think I will be drafted for the first world war? How do that work anyways?

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  • Do you think I will be drafted for the first world war? How do that work anyways?


Answer #1 | 01/05 2017 17:09
well, since the worlds first time machine has NOT been perfected yet........ I think there's very little chance of you being drafted for the first world war. But we'll get back to you, as soon as it's on-line, and working.
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Answer #2 | 01/05 2017 16:00
Just eat 100 boxes of Red Baron Pizza. Send in the box tops for your exemption.
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Answer #3 | 01/05 2017 16:03
You are 87 years, 5 months and an odd number of days too late for that. Punctuality is everything, please try to be on time from now on.
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Answer #4 | 01/05 2017 15:59
Probably not. I think they're done drafting people for a war that ended almost a century ago.
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Answer #5 | 02/05 2017 03:35
Get a time machine...........
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Anonymous107871 | 01/08 2017 02:54
No, never. Ww1 ended in 1918. Gosh , schools don't teach world history anymore ????
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Anonymous908971 | 10/04 2018 04:56
Sooooo, public schools and parents do not bother to teach their children anything anymore. This is very sad and proves the utter stupidity of public education in 2018. Proving that failure to teach past mistakes dooms the latter to foolish repetition.
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Anonymous873211 | 22/04 2018 20:04
This question just might qualify for the most incredibly stupid question asked on this site ! But it is not your fault ! It IS the fault of the instructors at whatever public school you attend in the USA and , of course, your parents. Get a dictionary ! Learn true and factually accurate history . LEARN! You can do it ! Your question proves you need to learn ! If your school and your own parents won't help , you can still do it for yourself and your own children !
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Anonymous632011 | 19/05 2018 07:14
No. It cannot possibly work . Exactly which planet are you thinking of in the Milky Way Galaxy ? Which universe ? String theory question ? If your parents cannot help you with this , you need to go to the largest public library , talk to a librarian , and read.
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Anonymous171041 | 10/04 2018 05:02
Stop paying all taxes to a government which doesn't teach you true and factual history.
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Anonymous888291 | 22/04 2018 19:55
Stupid question. If you are in public school , obviously in the USA , purchase a dictionary ,, and start watching very old movies.
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Anonymous380411 | 10/06 2018 07:13
Hopefully you will never be allowed to be drafted or even allowed to volunteer to protect the USA in any way anywhere, unless you have been much better educated. But have a nice day . Read far far far more than your grade school teachers wanted yutube to do . They love to keep public school kids intentionally stupid. IF you are not a stupid adult troll , not trying to be mean to you by what I'm saying , but tell your parents they may have an excellent lawsuit against your local grade school teachers union. Your local government may believe truth should be manipulated toward certain liberal political aspects which deviate from historical factual history, meaning a proclivity toward lies. Learn everything you are capable of learning. Do not give up and never let your government or political leaders teach you to give up your freedom . Be alive , be free, keep learning, and know what i and billions am saying to your heart and soul. Learn ! Live! Be free !
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Anonymous717241 | 10/06 2018 06:46
No government will draft an old person for a war that has been over for very nearly one hundred years. This must be a trick question no one understands.
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