Do you see God continuing the world into the 2100's?

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  • Do you see God continuing the world into the 2100's?


Answer #1 | 14/01 2014 09:55
"god" will be dead long before the earth, believe me.
Answer #2 | 14/01 2014 09:56
Answer #3 | 14/01 2014 09:55
God doesn't exist so no. He won't be continuing the world, but the world will continue.
Answer #4 | 14/01 2014 09:58
God is eternal. He has been around for a long while. Looking ahead, he will be around for a long while too. Eternity has no beginning, nor no end.
Answer #5 | 14/01 2014 10:00
The world will keep going after i die because i am just a form of matter, i'm part of the universe, time will go on forever !
Answer #6 | 15/01 2014 02:18
Maybe "GOD" won't exist by 2100's. But not this planet, it can last longer than religious people's ignorance.
Answer #7 | 14/01 2014 10:03
"Extincto nomine Christianorum" --The Roman Emperor Diocletian in 303 AD Translation:“The name of the Christians has been extinguished“. The emperor Diocletian said that after burning a church and all its scriptures and ordering the same to be done to all churches. Diocletian has long been dead but Christianity lives on. Many powerful people have tried to kill it, and many not so powerful have tried to wish it away. It has made no difference. Hope that helps.

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