Do you like Pretzels or Doritos better? And why?

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  • Do you like Pretzels or Doritos better? And why?


Answer #1 | 26/06 2009 08:56
both cause they both taste good.Idea here pretzel flavor doritos
Answer #2 | 26/06 2009 09:11
Doritos, pretzels are so blah
Answer #3 | 26/06 2009 08:59
Doritos, because they are crunchy and have more flavor. Pretzels are too dry and starchy for my taste.
Answer #4 | 26/06 2009 08:59
mmmm, doritos! Pretzels are too salty for me... not a big salt fan, but doritos, I like just the cheese ones, they are super tasty!
Answer #5 | 26/06 2009 09:30
I like dorritos because of the crunch and the taste too there good
Answer #6 | 26/06 2009 09:37
Doritos. I like Doritos better because they have a lot of flavors. Pretzels are to starchy and salty for me. I am not a salty person.
Answer #7 | 26/06 2009 20:35
i'm personally not a fan of pretzel unless its dipped in chocolate because it lacks flavor. soo i would go with the doritos(:
Answer #8 | 26/06 2009 17:25
Depends on the mood. Pretzels are tasty, and not as fattening. Where doritos are just plain delicious but have a lot more calories. Both are great to me
Answer #9 | 26/06 2009 11:57
Pretzels are better, IMO.

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