Do you like picnics. Why or why not.?

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  • Do you like picnics. Why or why not.?


Answer #1 | 23/06 2009 10:19
no....i hate being outdoors
Answer #2 | 23/06 2009 10:20
Yes and no. I like it because its a time to spend time with your family and take all the pressure of your head and just focus on the good times and relax. No because there are probably A LOT of sugary deserts and I can't afford the extra pounds!! lol (i'm not fat)
Answer #3 | 23/06 2009 10:21
Yeah Then U Can Stare At Who Ever Ur With While U R Eating Then Getting Too No Them Better
Answer #4 | 23/06 2009 10:22
only if its from KFC and ive got bug candles!!
Answer #5 | 23/06 2009 10:24
No, I like my food warm. I want to sit on a chair and not on the ground. I hate to clean up the picnic ground after. I do not like ants and insects flying around me when I eat. I like to watch TV while I eat.

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