Do you know munich and octoberfest (Wiesn) ??

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  • Do you know munich and octoberfest (Wiesn) ??


Answer #1 | 16/09 2006 11:45
no tell me about it
Answer #2 | 16/09 2006 11:57
i literally experienced falling under the table at oktoberfest, numerous years ago. i had just arrived in munich to do the "junior year abroad" type thing and drank two liters of loewenbrau, got up to do something and collapsed, fell, and rolled under the table. obviously a lightweight, eh? the germans were quite amused. my friends aided me to maintain. anyway, recovered fast and went on to enjoy the festivities. definitely fun, and the food was great. highly recommended, especially if you enjoy inebriated aryans. ;-) btw my favorite minnesaenger was walther von der vogelweide. ;-)
Answer #3 | 18/09 2006 19:38
We have Octoberfest here in Peoria, Illinois usa. Large german community here.
Answer #4 | 19/09 2006 19:57
I lived there about 8 years with the military and agree with bergner, especially when we had the German-American fest in Perlacher. People, cars, all over the place.

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