Do you have to get a divorce in a legal name?

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  • Do you have to get a divorce in a legal name?


Answer #1 | 10/05 2017 15:04
I am not sure what you are asking. You do not have to get a divorce, but if you wish to have the legal protection and cancellation of the contract, that has to be done by a legal process. If you wish to change your name when you divorce, you have to do that through some sort of official filing. You do not automatically revert back to your maiden name in a legal sense. If you want to divorce, you do have to enter into the case under your legal name. You cannot use a false name. Is one of those answers what you wanted to know?
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Answer #2 | 09/05 2017 04:53
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Answer #3 | 09/05 2017 15:42
Yes. Any legal document or legal action, needs to include the legal name of the persons or companies/corporations involved.
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