Do you guys get Bay Watch Chiang Mai?

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  • Do you guys get Bay Watch Chiang Mai?


Answer #1 | 21/03 2008 13:44
No, but let's make this the football section EDIT: Darn, It's Black Canvas, I wanted black burnt toast bannanas
Answer #2 | 21/03 2008 13:51
bay watch and american football---two of the usa's greatest ever inventions----so quiet in here you could hear a troll drop
Answer #3 | 21/03 2008 13:53
We can do anything we want here. We could even start asking football questions here. And yes they do play American Football, the Chiang Mai Dragons beat the Chiang Mai Leopards in the Chiang Mai Bowl.
Answer #4 | 21/03 2008 13:59
No Bay Watch....but we get CSI Chiang Mai....and CMPD Blue.... Is a Chiang Mai anything like a Mai Thai?
Answer #5 | 21/03 2008 17:53
Maybe no "Bay Watch" but now that TJ Pimpdaddy has arrived with his world famous "House OF Hos", dey be plenty of "Babe Crotch"..... will dat suffice?

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