Do you find this offensive? (vietnamese immitation)?

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  • Do you find this offensive? (vietnamese immitation)?


Answer #1 | 09/06 2008 17:07
Come on now......lighten up. It was a stand up comic act. It was funny.
Answer #2 | 10/06 2008 23:12
The comedian intends to mock the Vietnamese nail workers. It's offensive. What she doesn't get it is what those workers say about her in their language. So, it's even.
Answer #3 | 13/06 2008 01:23
I'm part Vietnamese, and that sh*t is hilarious! I mean she does the accent so well. Anyways, ts not offensive, everything she said was factual. The truth is not only Vietnamese own nail shops, Koreans do too.
Answer #4 | 13/06 2008 06:21
I've been a nail tech for 8 years, and I think the skit is hilarious. Is it offensive? Yes. Think of it like you walking into a Chinesse restaurant and start speaking exactly like the guy that takes your order in broken English. or a Jamaican restaurant. I absolutely applaud all 1st generation immigrant who attempts to find a job, and learn a new language. The skit is still hilarious, though. It's comedy.

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