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Answer #1 | 20/05 2009 16:30
Do it then I will be the testee write me a love poem and see if it works. ....ta so the poem did serve its purpose, yes? nice experiment, enjoyed.
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Answer #2 | 20/05 2009 09:34
other people's feelings are not up to you. people are not a product of your imagination, nor you can force them to be a clone of yourself, at least not for long. you can not send others a poem and be sure they feel it, or try to even take responsibility for it!! (good luck if you do.) you may be walking on the edge of fanaticism. if you could send some one an effective poem whether or not they feel it....., it may be a temporary insight and the source of all insights is God. or you could be a pure devotee of God. And pure devotees of God are not always poets.
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Answer #3 | 20/05 2009 11:41
I do agree,poets want to touch you with their words.But,It is possible not all poets may feel the same. Some poets are great and not share with others at all.They keep their talent hidden. It is only for them to feel.Would you still consider them poets? Yes ofcourse because they write great poems.Others just exercise their minds and so they tend to do it in a poetic manner and become really good with their poetry and don't expect you to feel their words. And it would still be great. I wouldn't settle for mediocre. Lovely Statement.
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Answer #4 | 20/05 2009 00:09
Certainly, poets have been trying to achieve this for centuries.
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Answer #5 | 20/05 2009 21:46
True Conceptions can be deceiving, Misguided and misleading, when trusting our hearts, sometimes it's best, to put it to the test, set the love free, and see where it guides me.
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