Do teens count as fiancés if they propose to each other ?

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  • Do teens count as fiancés if they propose to each other ?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 22:41
In western culture an engagement is the time during which a couple is actively planning their wedding. Engagements have a definite end date - the date of the wedding. If after several months of being "engaged" a couple has not chosen a wedding date, they really aren't engaged. They are simply dating exclusively with the HOPE of being married someday.
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Answer #2 | 27/12 2013 17:14
Engagement means you are actively planning a wedding.
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Answer #3 | 27/12 2013 18:57
No, because no one is going to take them seriously. They are only children.
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Answer #4 | 27/12 2013 17:04
Engagement is a promise a person makes to another, that they will eventually marry. If you agree to be engaged, there is no age limit on it. In some countries, children are engaged to one another by their parents. But if you live in the western world, it would be your own choice. Do you really want to do this? Being "engaged" means that you can't date anyone else,ever. And, if you are thirteen, you will be cutting yourself out of meeting and socializing with lots of other people for years to come, before you are ready to settle down and marry. Also know that teenagers fall in and out of love regularly and that while it may be intense at the time, the next week you might not even give a second thought to the person you once thought you loved. The ring thing is optional.
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Answer #5 | 28/12 2013 12:13
No they are too young. Have to be at least 16.
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