Do one year affairs mean anything?

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  • Do one year affairs mean anything?


Anonymous196846 | 02/08 2019 08:24
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Answer #2 | 02/09 2016 21:52
I would say Yes
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Anonymous200309 | 24/08 2019 12:58
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Anonymous957950 | 07/09 2019 22:10
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Anonymous306209 | 31/08 2019 00:12
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Anonymous518438 | 24/08 2019 18:47
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Anonymous887122 | 02/08 2019 00:47
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Answer #9 | 02/09 2016 14:52
I would say Yes
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Anonymous187555 | 22/08 2019 13:11
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Anonymous993060 | 23/08 2019 13:00
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Anonymous854323 | 29/08 2019 23:50
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Anonymous606543 | 04/09 2019 04:05
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Anonymous315034 | 08/09 2019 09:08
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Anonymous428018 | 07/09 2019 16:01
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Anonymous137447 | 01/09 2019 05:25
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Anonymous792284 | 22/08 2019 22:14
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Anonymous36720 | 24/08 2019 04:45
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Anonymous60920 | 05/09 2019 23:41
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Answer #23 | 02/09 2016 21:54
Of course. How could they not? We dated for 6 months, then shared an apartment for 6 months. That was enough to know that there was no point in continuing.
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Anonymous495047 | 30/08 2019 04:22
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Anonymous729528 | 01/09 2019 09:29
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Anonymous683643 | 10/09 2019 14:05
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Anonymous26951 | 24/08 2019 18:31
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Anonymous401414 | 02/09 2019 14:53
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Anonymous454457 | 09/09 2019 08:00
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Anonymous351779 | 06/09 2019 22:09
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Answer #33 | 02/09 2016 14:54
Of course. How could they not? We dated for 6 months, then shared an apartment for 6 months. That was enough to know that there was no point in continuing.
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Anonymous744626 | 24/08 2019 04:45
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Anonymous709229 | 22/08 2019 14:44
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Anonymous478095 | 27/08 2019 03:50
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Anonymous8373 | 28/08 2019 01:56
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Anonymous271656 | 22/08 2019 13:24
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