Do I pay tips for mom pop style restruamt?

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  • Do I pay tips for mom pop style restruamt?


Answer #1 | 26/05 2013 13:13
yes pay a tip
Answer #2 | 26/05 2013 13:50
It would be rude not to. They have all the same expenses and such as a big restaurant without the clientèle or staff to make tons of money so they have to rely on the generosity of people like yourself.
Answer #3 | 26/05 2013 16:22
yes, it is proper to tip anyone that serves you, unless its stated that gratuity is included
Answer #4 | 28/05 2013 07:01
Are you still getting a service, then yes. Remember also that not just the server gets a portion of the tips, but bus boy, and others get a portion. Very likely too if the owner serves you, s/he may put that tip for their other workers rather than pocket it themself. The cash part doesn't matter - it is the service.

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