Do I need to pay for the food that I had cancelled?

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  • Do I need to pay for the food that I had cancelled?


Answer #1 | 30/11 2006 20:37
You waited an hour in a restaurant for your order? No
Answer #2 | 30/11 2006 20:43
if the server never told you that you were going to have to wait that long (maybe the restaurant was busy) or none of the managers on duty took care of you (ie gave you a small something in the meantime and/ or told you the situation), then absolutely not!
Answer #3 | 30/11 2006 20:42
No. If you don't eat the food, you don't pay for it.
Answer #4 | 30/11 2006 20:39
I wouldn't pay.I waited for a pizza one day and after an hour i called and said id like to cancel.He said "oh you wanted it delivered?".I was really upset cause i had to go to work shortly.So i ate a pizza pocket instead.He really wanted me to still want the pizza and he probably would have sent it then, but an hour is a long time to wait for any type of food.
Answer #5 | 30/11 2006 20:39
no u shuldnt pay.thats bull. =]
Answer #6 | 30/11 2006 20:44
i most certainly would not pay for that after an hour!!! they better get some better service
Answer #7 | 30/11 2006 20:44
The waitstaff should give you a reason and should have offered you a discount or free dessert. You should ask for the manager if you don't get the answers you want. A lot of times, management doesn't even know what's going on with the staff! Good luck next time!
Answer #8 | 04/12 2006 08:28
I think not.
Answer #9 | 03/12 2006 06:03
I feel that you should not pay for it, especially if you have other food on the bill.
Answer #10 | 01/12 2006 01:38
You haven't provided enough information for anyone to be able to answer this question. What type of restaurant was it? Was the food delivered, or were you at the restaurant? Was anything said about the time it would take? Did you eat any of it? Did you ask what was taking so long, and if so, what was the reply? In general, I think that if you didn't eat any of it, they would have a hard time making you pay, though I cannot say whether that would be fair or not without knowing any more.
Answer #11 | 30/11 2006 20:45
If you waited for almost an hour and it wasn't delivered by then, no. You should not have to pay for the food. If service is that slow then they should apologize to you and give you a free meal if they value your patronage!
Answer #12 | 01/12 2006 01:06
You ordered it, it becomes yours. Was there an agreement or understanding of how long it would take for you get it? If not you owe for the food.

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