do geminis and taurus have good friendships?

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  • do geminis and taurus have good friendships?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 01:10
Didn't read much of your text.. Basically not really.. but there is more then just sun sign Taurus and Gemini are INconjunction [bad aspect] because... Taurus likes stability/no change/no variety/no spontaneity and prefers to keep with the same routine if you will.. also taurus is avaricious , possessive, and one track mind/narrow mind/stubborn mind.. and Prefers to keep things simple for simplicities sake, Taurus are also generally vain and unevolved especially mentally, controlling and prefer things THEIR Way or no Way.. and they will not change.. They are very consistent and persistent to the point of ridiculousness.. And Taurus is a very very fixed earth sign.. Earth is the most fixed and rigid element.. and Taurus is the most fixed sign period [and is a fixed sign ] Taurus do not genuinely change their minds easily.. And they get head aches fast when it comes to mental complications.. They tend to gain weight from Avarice, indulgence and they are highly materialistic in every sense of the word.. They find concepts hard to conceptualize if they can not HAVE material/tangible/physical proof.. Even if it's real.. Earth signs all do this.. Especially Taurus and Capricorn... They generally don't "Believe" or "Claim to believe" in astrology... Even though it's obviously and overwhelmingly real.. Simply because they block things out that they don't want to exist, They don't understand the complexities and dismiss it at sun sign.. Which is also nonsense as the sun sign does manifest.. Also Taurus is introverted Taurus " I have " - Taurus place high value on possessions and sensual pleasures IE : True hedonism.. Gemini is extroverted,likes to multi task and change things, doesn't mind complications, is adaptable, thinkers, non possessive, changes mind as necessary, or for variety, variety seekers, and is not Avaricious, non controlling, mental thinker signs Gemini " I think " - Geminis place high value on thoughts,variety, Mental prowess I'm an Aquarius sun and Aries moon guy O.o I'm able to decipher the birth information if I'm bored enough of anyone astrologically It's funny cause there natural reaction is always their astrological reaction.. IE Nature
Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 04:02
Taurus and gemini is not a very good match taurus is earth gemini is air. Taurus more stable, down to earth and security loving than gemini who is a free spirit. As much as gemini is frustrated by taurus, taurus finds gemini too unreliable and fleeting. Taurus stick to their opinions because they are a fixed sign and they have a lot of conviction in their own beliefs. Taurus will rarely change their minds. Yes you could say it's a negative but is it not also a positive? Depends the way you look at it. Also taurus is comfortable with a few loyal friends while gemini is extremely social. Yes gemini is very friendly and lively and fun but taurus cannot help being more homely. That's the way they are. Taurus is a very warm, loving, and usually very attractive person in a natural, unpretentious way. Taurus has a more shy, internal nature and gemini is perhaps not the best sign to "click" with them. But as friends u should be able to get along, it's not as if u r married to eac other :)
Answer #3 | 29/12 2013 06:04
Taurus can talk about different subjects, be fun and be open...if you discuss things in a relaxed way. They process feelings and situations and their agenda in a thoughtful manner. Gemini's way of processing information is too hasty and erratic for them. Leo

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